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Apogee PSX100 A/D Converter
Apogee The PSX-100 is a 2-channel A/D-D/A offering 24-bit conversion at standard sample rates from 44.1 to 96 kHz. Industry standard digital inputs andoutputs are featured, with the ability to convert between formats.

Since its introduction in 1993, Apogee's unique UV22(R) process has become the industry standard for digital word length reduction. Now, Apogee is introducing a new, improved version of the process, dubbed "UV22HR", that offers even greater retention of detail than before.

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UV22 has been described as "virtually an industry standard for word-length reduction". It takes a high-resolution digital signal and translates it into 16-bit for CD or DAT, or 20-bit for DVD-Video and other mastering applications, with the absolute minimum loss of detail. UV22 needs no special decoder in the player.

Recent increases in computer processing power have now made it possible to improve on the original UV22 technique, fine-tuning and recompiling the algorithms, generating an enhanced data stream. The result: UV22 High Resolution. UV22HR delivers significantly improved performance, including the preservation of additional detail from the high-resolution input signal, and even greater transparency than before.

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UV22HR is equally applicable for mastering and for tracking. The ability to reduce the word length of a digital signal - and therefore its bandwidth - is an important requirement for Internet audio distribution, and UV22HR has been extensively tested in conjunction with many of the leading compression techniques used in streaming media applications, such as MP3 (MPEG I Layer III), RealAudio and QuickTime.
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