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Marantz 520 cassettes (2)
Independent Dual Well Cassette Deck
Marantz The Marantz PMD520 sets new standards for innovation and design. Featuring two independent 3-head mechanisms, the PMD520 is designed to provide the audio professional with the most flexible and comprehensive cassette deck available.

Two innovative features of the PMD520 are direct tape insertion/removal and easy servicing. The tape doors have been eliminated so that tapes can be inserted and removed with great efficiency.

Servicing is easy because each mechanism can be completely removed for service while the other remains available for use.

The stationary 3-head mechanisms in the PMD520 allow tape monitoring during recording and provide exceptional recording performance when combined with the automatic tape calibration system.

During continuous recording, the overlap record feature can be activated to ensure uninterrupted recording when going from well to well and deck to deck. The overlap record feature will start the next tape 3 minutes before the current tape ends.

A variety of options are available for remote controlling the PMD520. The Superscope WRC220 wired remote provides complete control for playback, recording, and duplication. A custom remote can be interfaced through the Control I/O port (25-pin set of contact closures). A record/play timer has also been included to start recording or playback automaticallywhen the power is switched on.

In addition to the above, the PMD520 continues the Marantz tradition of offering exceptional high quality and ease of use.

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Fully Independent Operation
Stationary 3-Head Mechanisms
Tape Monitoring while Recording
Direct Tape Insertion/Removal
Removable Tape Mechanisms
Simultaneous (Duplication) Recording
Loop-Through Output for Duplication
Continuous Recording with 3 Minute Overlap
Automatic Tape Calibration (Auto Bias) Program
Normal (1x) and High (2x) Speed Operation
Recessed Fine Speed Control ( 3%)
Automatic Rewind
Record/Play Timer
Tape Stop Alarm
Record Mute
Recessed Record Balance Controls
Dolby B/C & HX Pro Headroom Extension
25-Pin Contact Closure Control Port
Marantz RC-5 Remote Port (AMX & CrestronCompatible)
Headphone Jack with Level Control
Switchable Source for Headphone
Stereo LED Meters with Peak Hold
Time Counters with Tape Size Selector
Large Transport Control Buttons with LED Inset
Detachable Grounded AC Cord
Mechanism Dust Covers Included
Optional Balanced XLR Kit (XLR520PMD)
One-Piece 3U Rackmount Chassis

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